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‘At College Fields we promote positive attitudes to learning in all children.’


Why Montessori?

The Montessori approach places emphasis on educating the whole child, covering all aspects of development; intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952) believed that all children want to absorb knowledge if they are given the right kind of activities during their sensitive periods of development.

When children are given choices and make their own decisions their motivation to learn is stronger.

The teacher’s role is to observe carefully and respond to their individual needs. We aim to build on what they can do, not what they cannot do.

We provide the children with achievable challenges throughout their time at College Fields, so that self-esteem is nurtured and they are encouraged to even greater exploration and learning.

Although the approach was developed a century ago, her ideas are at the forefront of current educational thinking and remarkably well suited to a time when excellent nursery provision for all, has at last been recognised.


‘At College Fields we can enhance social skills and promote attention skills and persistence in all children.’


Would you like to learn more about our approach?

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