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Opening Hours during term time

Mon :

09:00  - 13:00 

Tue-Thu :

09:00  - 15:30 

Fri :

09:00  - 13:00 

Closed weekends and bank holidays

Terms and conditions

To enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care for your child, we require all parents to be aware of and abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Registration of your child at the nursery requires a deposit of £20 which is non-refundable . If you cancel your place the deposit is still non refundable
  • Children are required to do a minimum of two sessions a week.
  • Fees are invoiced termly in advance. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or standing order. Fees are still payable when sessions are missed due to illness or holiday. We accept vouchers from nearly all the salary sacrifice schemes
  • Additional sessions to those your child normally attends, will be invoiced and must be paid on the day.
  • If your child becomes ill during a nursery session, we will call the parent or the emergency contact for your child to be removed at the earliest opportunity. No refunds are given due to illness
  • Absences should be notified to the nursery by 9.30 a.m.
  • In cases of emergency (e.g. Fire) we will follow emergency evacuation procedures and the child’s main carer will be asked to collect the child immediately.
  • Snacks are provided at morning and afternoon break. Snacks are displayed on the board in the entrance hall. Special dietary requirements must be discussed prior to confirmation of the child’s place.
  • Nappies are not provided and a supply must be made available in your child’s bag.
  • Long lasting sunscreen must be applied before coming to nursery and appropriate cover up clothing worn in very hot weather. Named hats supplied too.
  • If for any reason (including emergencies) a parent/guardian/ carer is unable to pick up a child, we will not allow the child to leave the nursery unless we have prior notification (personally/by telephone) with a name, car number and description of the person collecting the child. All this will be confirmed before s/he will be allowed to take your child.
  • Children will often get messy or wet. Be prepared for outdoor play - there is a lot of mud in our garden. We cannot take responsibility for mud/paint/grass stains to clothing.
  • In accordance with child protection guidelines, College Fields is under an obligation to report to Social Services any serious cause for concern of actual or likely significant harm against a child. This may, in extreme cases, be done without informing the parent or guardian.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for damage to children’s toys or loss of property. Please do not let valuable mementoes come to the nursery. They are always very popular. College Fields does maintain insurances required by law. Copies of the current employers liability and public liability insurances are displayed in the entrance hall.
  • Parking, please be aware that the car park can get very busy at peak times. Please park safely and be vigilant with children in the car park.
  • College Fields operates a confidentiality policy. Parents and staff must sign to say that they agree with this. A child’s registration and early years profile is kept at College Fields and may only be accessed through the Owner. Observation folders are kept on each child, accessible only by the parent/carer. Parents can ask at any time to see the folder. Some confidential information may need to be shared with key staff.
  • Our complaints policy is displayed in the entrance hall, should you need to make a complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the nursery then you should call Ofsted 0845 404040
  • Please remember to sign your children in and out. Sign the picked up by another care form if they are going on a play date and double bolt the gate every time.
  • Keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances, which may affect your child’s enjoyment at nursery. Keep all contacts and changes to addresses or mobile phones current.
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